What is a Driveline?

The Driveline describes all power transmitting components between the engine and the wheels.

What is a Transmission?

A Transmission is the mechanism by which power is transmitted from an engine to the axle in a motor vehicle.

What is the difference between Auto and Manual Transmissions?

A Manual Transmission uses a driver operated clutch for regulating torque transfer from engine to the transmission.

An Automatic Transmission is the type of transmission that can automatically change gears as the vehicle moves freeing the driver from changing gears manually.

What is a Clutch?

A mechanical device that provides for transmission of power, from one component to another.

What is a Torque Converter?

The torque converter allows the transmission to shift gears in an automatic transmission.

What is a Transaxle?

A transaxle is a major mechanical component that combines the functionality of the transmission, the differential, and associated components of the driven axle into one integrated assembly.

What is a U Joint?

U Joints provide flexibilty on a rear drive vehicle between the transmission and the rear axle, allowing the axle to move with the irregular road.

What is a CV Joint?

CV Joints or Constant Velocity Joints allow a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle at constant rational speed without an appreciable increase in friction or play.

What is a Drive Shaft?

A Drive Shafts is the tubular component connecting the transmission to the rear axle.

What is a Differential?

The Differential directs power to the driving wheels & through its gearing mechanism permits the wheels to turn at different speeds.

What is a CVT?

A CVT or Constant Velocity Transmission is a transmission that can change seamlessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values.

What is a DSG?

A DSG or Direct Select Gearbox is an electronically controlled dual clutch with a multi-shaft manual gear box in a transaxle design without a conventional clutch pedal.


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