At Belconnen Transmission & Driveline Services we specialise in drive shaft and axle repairs and replacements. If you are experiencing a vibration or strange sound coming from underneath your car it could be that you have a drive shaft or axle problem.

Axles and drive trains may not be the most exciting part of your vehicle, but they are what transmits power from your transmission to your wheels. Without drive shafts and axles, your car would not go anywhere. Over time, these parts can wear out and might need replacing. If you feel a clunk when turning the corner, or a vibration when accelerating, then it's time to bring your car in and have us diagnose the problem. Left unchecked, these components can make your vehicle unsafe and unreliable.

The axles play a major role in the operation of a vehicle. The axles bear the entire weight of the vehicle, cargo and passengers. Live axles perform the additional task of providing the torque to the wheels. Rear axles also ensure the function of steering, driving and braking of the vehicles.

The Drive Shaft takes the power from the transmission in a RWD car and transmits it to the rear axle. Since the rear suspension moves up and down, the driveshaft must move as well. Universal joints are used at both ends to allow the driveshaft to move with the suspension and still rotate plus a sliding slip joint must also be employed to extend or contract as the driveshaft moves in and out of the transmission. The driveshaft is most commonly made from steel, but can also be made from aluminium or in exotic cases carbon fibre.

Front Axles: In the case of FWD cars, or most AWD cars, the transaxle or axle will connect to the wheels with a front axle shaft. Similar to a drive shaft, but more complex since the front wheels can also turn with the steering wheel to allow your car to make a turn. The front axle shaft has two CV (constant velocity) joints which allow a great range of motion than a universal joint. They do not typically handle as much torque as a universal joint so in most heavy duty 4WD trucks, a universal joint is used with a solid live axle.

Rear Axles are found on RWD, 4WD and AWD cars, trucks and SUVs. The rear axle takes the rotation of the driveshaft, turns it 90 degrees and distributes it to the two rear wheels. It's job is to make sure that power goes to the rear wheels in the proper proportion. When turning a corner, the inside wheel turns slower than the outside wheel. The rear axles differential allows for the inner wheel to slow down while sending power to the outer wheel to complete the turn.


While driving at higher speeds, if the vibration gets worse when turning in one direction it could be a wheel bearing. A constant vibration which feels like it's coming from the centre of the vehicle could be a driveshaft universal joint (rear wheel drive vehicles) Wheels which are out of balance will also cause a vibration and can sometimes be felt in the steering wheel.

Belconnen Transmission & Driveline Services are experts in drive shaft and axle problem diagnosis, repairs and replacements so no matter what the problem is we are able to diagnose faults easily and repair them cost effectively.

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