The steering and suspension systems of a car are not only important for safety reasons but also to enhance the comfort of your car's ride. The two systems are directly related to each other, which is why they are often referred to together.

Your car's suspension system is an intricate network of components designed to give you a smooth, even, stable ride. Since the suspension is exposed to the elements the parts wear out, and even break. If your car doesn't seem to ride like it used to, you may have a problem.

Fault Diagnosis

The certified technicians at Belconnen Transmission & Driveline Services are equipped to address all of your “under car” needs. These include typical steering and suspension symptoms such as:

  • Steering wheel vibrates at high speeds
  • Steering wheel feels loose
  • Harsh or rough ride
  • Excessive noises from the undercarriage
  • Rocking or bouncing at stops

The car is unusually difficult to steer

If your car has power steering, a stiff steering wheel is likely the result of a problem with the power steering system. First, there may not be enough fluid.

The car is difficult to keep on a straight path and/or tends to drift

Since most power steering systems are very easy to control, you may not notice the car “pulling” in one direction or another. You can diagnose this kind of problem by taking your hands off the steering wheel and seeing if the car continues in a straight line or drifts one way or the other. If the latter is the case, there’s likely a problem with the alignment of your wheels. Drifting could also be caused by worn tires or tires that are inflated unevenly. Check your tire pressure and tread depth. If your tires are fine, this could be a symptom of a dragging brake on one of your wheels.

The steering wheel shakes or vibrates

If your steering wheel vibrates when you accelerate, then it’s likely that there’s a problem in the suspension or the tires. This could mean that the wheel bolts are loose or the tires are worn unevenly or incorrectly balanced. First try to tighten the nuts. Should tightening the nuts not correct the problem, then it's either the tyres or there’s probably damage to the wheel bearing or tie rod. If the whole car shakes at high speeds, you probably have a tire or axle that’s not rotating probably, as this kind of problem tends to be amplified at particular speeds.

There is a clunking of banging noise when you go over a bump

This is probably the result of damage to the suspension. Damaged strut bearings, a broken strut, or worn shock absorbers could be the culprits. Increased swaying or bouncing on uneven roads may also be a symptom of this kind of suspension problem. You can check for a bad strut by pushing down on each corner of the car. If it takes several bounces for the car to settle, then there’s likely a problem somewhere in the strut assembly; this could be caused by a broken coil spring (which will probably produce a rattling sound), oil leaking from the shock absorber, or another structural problem. 

There is a screeching noise when you steer

This is probably being caused by the power steering belt, which connects the power steering pump to the engine. The belt could be worn or too loose. While this may be an easy part to replace in older cars, many newer models use a “serpentine belt” to connect all accessories to the engine; this will be more difficult to replace. A screeching sound could also be the result of low fluid levels, so make sure to also check your power steering fluid.

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hitting potholes or grazing a curb can bend suspension components and put wheels out of alignment, which can result in further damage to tires, steering, and suspension.

Whatever the problem, Belconnen Transmission & Driveline Services can fix it. If you’re having difficulty with the way your car rides or handles, come in today and let us resolve your issues. We guarantee that Belconnen Transmission & Driveline Services are second to none when it comes to steering and suspension diagnostics.

Our vast range of new and second hand inspected/tested parts allows us to offer steering repairs at an efficient and cost effective rate.

Use our contact form and we will call you back to book your appointment or call us today on 02 6253 1188 to discuss your steering and suspension issues. Alternatively just call in to our workshop at Unit 7, Carco Centre, Nettlefold St, Belconnen.

Rocking or bouncing at stops


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